Tuesday, September 06, 2005

RED CROSS, Hello? FEMA, Hello? DAY 9!!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes! I am at work and have been since the hurricane hit. I sent my family out of town early so I could remain at work. We spent the hurricane huddled in the halls with the patients. The hospital had a few broken windows but no flooding. The next few days were spent on generator power with no air conditioning and no WATER!!! Today is Day 9 and we have full power, a National Guard security force and a MASH unit! We still haven't seen the Red Cross or FEMA!!! Wal Mart has been the only one to come to our aid, they sent 3 trucks of supplies and water. It sure makes you rethink about donating money to Red Cross! We are the ONLY hospital on the west bank of the river. Our competition closed their doors the day after the hurricane! None of the hospitals in New Orleans are able to function due to the flooding. There are only 3 hospitals open in the whole area! Our facility had an awsome emergency policy and it is what saved our and the patient's lives! I am here for the duration, being management sucks! lol At least our air is working and we have hot water to shower....the aromas have certainly improved a lot!


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